Here are ten tips that will help you keep your Toyo stove running safe and smooth.

1. Do use only#1 fuel or Kerosene.

2. Do use a gravity feed filter. (We recommend the water-blocking type).

3. Do not lay your stove down when transporting it.

4. Do not press red reset button more than once. Do not hold it down.

5. Do keep the clock set so the stove will go into its self-cleaning mode.

6. Do make sure your stove is level.

7. Do clean the circulation fan filter monthly.

8. Do schedule a stove cleaning every year or 500 gallons of fuel, whichever comes first.

9. Do check the flue pipe for exhaust smells, soot, damage or corrosion. Replacing a compromised flue can save you hundreds of dollars in stove repairs.

10.Boiler Tip: Scale stopper.Removes hard water chemicals from heat flat plate exchangers, boiler coils and indirect tanks. Use on domestic water to add years to your system. Safe and easy to install and maintain and works on all types of DHW systems.

You can download these tips too – 10 Toyo Tips.